Build your own Lego vehicles

128 pages, approx. 150 full colour photographs , 203 x 254 mm, softcover, ISBN 978-3-86852-766-7
Rights available excl. English world

Following the big success of THE BIG UNOFFICIAL LEGO® BUILDER’S BOOK the author Joachim Klang has created a few more custom built vehicles and produced easy to follow step-by-step instructions again. Simple models for younger kids are followed by more sophisticated vehicles that all Lego enthusiasts can build with bricks they’ve got at home. From tractors to sports cars – you’ll find a broad choice in here!

The author Joachim Klang, a LEGO® expert since his childhood days, is well-known within the LEGO® community for his real artistic and experimental use of the colorful bricks.

Another real how-to book for all small and grown up Lego fans!

Build your own Lego vehicles, Artikelnummer: 9783868527667


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